Testing on iOS

Installing the app

  1. Install TestFlight on the iOS device that you’ll use for testing.
  2. Tap the following public invitation link on your iOS device: https://testflight.apple.com/join/JnIfRkfh
  3. Tap Accept to join, and Install to install.

Having issues? Follow this link for help: https://testflight.apple.com/#installing-testing

What to Test

We would like you to use the app like any other, but keeping an eye out for any issues you might find. 

Examples of some issues you may find include:

  • Account data not loading correctly
  • App crashing
  • Difficulty navigating pages
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Performance issues

Giving Feedback

While testing the beta version of the app, you can send us feedback about issues you experience or make suggestions for improvements based on the “What to Test” content.

If your device is running iOS 13 or later, you can send feedback through the TestFlight app or directly from the beta app by taking a screenshot, and you can report a crash after it occurs.

Sending Feedback through the TestFlight App (iOS 13 or later)

  1. Open the TestFlight app on your device.
  2. From the Apps list, tap Livestock Count.
  3. Tap Send Beta Feedback.
  4. In the share dialog, tap Include Screenshot to choose a screenshot. If you don’t want to send an attachment, tap Don’t Include Screenshot.
  5. Add your comments (up to 2,000 characters), and optionally enter your email address.
  6. Tap Submit.

Sending Feedback through the Livestock Count App (iOS 13 or later)

When you take a screenshot while testing a beta app or beta App Clip, you can send the screenshot with feedback directly to the developer without leaving the app or App Clip Experience. Developers can opt out of receiving this type of feedback, so this option is only available if the developer has it enabled.

  1. Take a screenshot on your device. For details on how to take screenshots, see Take a screenshot on your iPhoneTake a screenshot on your iPad, and Take a screenshot on your iPod touch.
  2. A thumbnail of your screenshot appears in the lower-left corner of your device. Tap the thumbnail and, if needed, add drawings and text with Markup. Then tap the Done button.
  3. Tap the Share Beta Feedback.
  4. Optionally, you can add comments (up to 2,000 characters), and your email address.
  5. Tap Submit.

Sending Crash Information (iOS 13 or later)

If you experience a crash while testing Livestock Count, you’ll receive an alert asking if you want to send crash details to us through TestFlight.

When the crash alert displays, tap Share, add any additional comments, and tap Submit.

Sending Feedback through the TestFlight App (iOS 12.4 or earlier)

If your device is running iOS 12.4 or earlier, tap Send Beta Feedback to compose an email to us. The feedback email contains detailed information about the beta app and about your iOS device. You can also provide additional information, such as necessary screenshots and steps required to reproduce any issues.

For more information please see: https://testflight.apple.com/#giving-feedback