Beta Testing Livestock Count

App Overview

This app was developed with the intention of assisting farmers to keep track of their farm’s livestock counts. When a new account is created you get full access to the app. Many features of the app work dependant of an internet connection, but the fundamental features work without a connection meaning the app is fully functional in the most rural of places. Upon making an account, you will become the farm manager. You can add other users to your farm by creating separate accounts for them if you wish. A regular connection to the internet will be needed to sync the devices which will ensure all livestock counts are correct on all devices.

The manager account varies slightly to standard user accounts and will have more features; they will be the only user that can add users and control which users are able to access the farm. Farm Managers are also the only users that can add new fields, edit field names, delete fields, and add new animal types, edit an animal type’s name, delete an animal type.



  • Create different fields and add them to your farm; with their location pinpointed on a map making it easy to view your fields geographically.
  • Manage your livestock counts by adding or removing animals to/from a field.
  • See exactly how many of each livestock types should be in each field at anytime.
  • Add notes with any details you want!
  • In the mountains or at home, manage your field’s livestock counts anywhere with offline functionality.


  • Manage livestock types such as Sheep, Cattle, Pig, Goat etc.
  • Add a new livestock type that you can add to your fields. e.g. Lambs, Ewes, Rams, Weanlings, Bulls
  • See a breakdown of each livestock type and their totals.


  • Add other users to your farm to help manage your livestock.
  • Grant or remove user access to your farm at any time; meaning adding temporary workers is as easy as a flick of a switch.

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